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Trump loses another lawyer — Ty Cobb leaving, replaced by Clinton impeachment attorney Emmet Flood


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Flood will probably be much better at this for Trump than was Cobb, if, BIG IF, Trump will actually follow his advice and stick with it.

This possible subpoena/constitutional crisis stuff is likely what spurred this change though. Clinton eventually testified without being subpoenaed and of course purjured himself, this with Flood as his attorney.

Trump and Flood may have learned from that and have to force the subpoena/constitutional crisis deal or plead the fifth like a mobster. Whatever. None good for Trump or the country. 

All bad. 

P.S. The Flood hire leaves room for another GSB conspiracy theory if things go awry. He did work for Clinton. Trump and Pence won't learn about hiring democrats/liberals or people that worked for them to be their physicians and lawyers. xD

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