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New Jersey Governor Allows Illegal Immigrants to Get College Financial Aid

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5 minutes ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

Sounds like your home state is right on the coat tails.

At least our state doesn't stink like body odor and 2 day old pizza.

My home state?



Anyhow,  you are from the poop state.  You poop on your sidewalks. You are disgusting.

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9 minutes ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

Even more disgusting is homeless people in a region where you can make minimum wage and have a house!




What a strange retard...

Proud that his human poop-covered state is the nation's worst for poverty, welfare and homelessness.

Lot's of mental health issues in Cali also, it appears.


You live in the Poop State

You poop in the streets

You are disgusting


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Just now, GardenStateBaller said:

The above is why all of us smart, rationale, sane NJ citizens have our children matriculate at superior, out of state private colleges and universities. Unlike other states who revere and respect their state colleges, we in NJ do not. And never will. 

Why is New Jersey universally known as the worst state in the US? Serious question.

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