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Mama Weer All Crazee now!!


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Gun sales -up

Alcohol sales-up

Drug sales-up

Cigarette sales-the government gets 15.1 bIllion annually from taxes. 

Pain Killer sales-up

blah, blah, blah-up


20 years from now heroin will be legal...murder will be a misdemeanor (no place to put everybody cheaply), school mass shootings will be the hottest video game on the market....etc



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2 hours ago, RedZone said:

Got NO MONEY for mental health though.....go figure.






Strange times brother.   I am trying to detach but it hasn't been going well.  Too much stupid going on and stupid is really kissing me off.  

Well get to a better place eventually imho.  I'll probably be dead by that time though.  

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On 5/22/2018 at 5:23 PM, RedZone said:

Nah, I don't see it. 

Too many punks, losers, and criminals. 


Granted it is not easy to see.   I see It with the young generation though.  It may be wishful thinking but I just don't see a world in which Trump supporters and their hate and lack of inclusion is going to win the heart's of future generations.  

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