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EPA Chief asks staff to aquire used mattress from Trump hotel

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8 minutes ago, Hardcore Troubador said:

Pruitt is out of control.

He is. I may disagree with many in the administration with regards policy. However, with Pruitt, he is clearly corrupt and should be asked to step down. I am sure the administration could find another person to implement their agenda. 

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1 minute ago, Sportsnut said:

You are not awake.

There is more to life then what you know.

Why don't you get taught?

I can remember posters saying to you that the cost of living is different so you have to take that into consideration when thinking about certain things and you simply refuse to do what a 12 year old can do in 6th grade. Not meaning to degrade but this is a truth that just is.

In other parts of the country, things are different.

The sooner you learn this, the sooner poster will..,......... the better for you.

Average Regular Gas Price in Georgia

« Average Regular Gas Price by State
Berry Creek Rancheria RV Park
 (55 reviews)
3900 Olive Hwy near Tyme Way
3h ago
Feather Falls Mini Mart 
 (126 reviews)
6032 Lower Wyandotte Rd & Pano Ln
2h ago
Lucky 7 Fuel Mart 
 (46 reviews)
13450 US-101 N & N Indian Rd
Smith River
1d ago
 (246 reviews)
6750 Stanford Ranch Rd & Five Star Blvd
3h ago
 (77 reviews)
20666 Tracy Ave & Lagoon Dr
1d ago
 (29 reviews)
101 W Visalia Rd & S Farmersville Blvd
1h ago
 (74 reviews)
775 N Lemoore Ave & W Cinnamon Dr
21h ago
 (189 reviews)
7981 E Stockton Blvd near Rangeview Ln
4m ago
 (179 reviews)
11000 Garden Grove Blvd near Taft St
Garden Grove
11m ago
Sam's Club 
 (128 reviews)
8250 Power Inn Rd & E Stockton Blvd
9m ago

State Counties


If 50 cents a gallon extra is all it takes to live somewhere beautiful, I will take it!

You get what you pay for!

Fix the south!

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Just now, Sportsnut said:

Don't forget that 500,000 dollar house with no land vs. same house with 40 acres.

Or being able to go home everyday, you know, without fire, earthquake, mud slide, smog,  and know your home is still there.

Stupid can be fixed you know.

It is done with knowledge.

Of course, knowledge without application will never become wisdom.


There is a reason land and homes are cheap in GA.

Minimum wage is like 7 bucks. Fast food places and poverty everywhere.

You get what you pay for.

Where I live, the nearest disaster was over 30 years ago with an earthquake. I live right next to the most beautiful lake in CA.

Fix the south!!!!!

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1 minute ago, Sportsnut said:

What is that reason?

I think the fed. wage is 7.50

building materials cost what they cost.

5.00 is 5.00 everywhere.

That does not change the fact that you live in a dangerous place.

Never move to Cali.

Visit but don't stay.

Georgia is one of those places that people want to come to and live out the rest of their lives.

Cali is somewhere people want to visit.

You get what you pay for.

Things are cheap for a reason like McDonald's and Taco Bell.

Georgia is fast food. We are fine dining.

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Just now, Sportsnut said:

You have no comeback for this stuff man.

You actually have to be very stupid to think the way you do.

Now it is just fast food.

Have you ever heard of culture?

Evidently you haven't.

Explain everything.

How old are you 19?

Must be because a man of the world surely would be aware of the truth as related to the subjects with which you sling around as if it were playland. This is real life and to you it is a fucking game. 

You are not hurting anyone but yourself always  claim to win, on a damn opinion board and you are losing because you have an opportunity to learn and expand you horizon but you choose to play games and never retain one iota of knowledge.

That is insanity in my mind.

Easy explanation- You get what you pay for.

Beauty, high income, no humidity.


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5 hours ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

We are SOOOOO draining the swamp!

Dude trying to cop a used Trump hotel mattress!? Who are these clowns!? What a waste of more tax dollars.

Get out there and vote vote vote!


Lol. The article spoke about ethics. Lol yup this administration knows not a thing about the subject. Sad really.

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