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Another Democrat election commission in Florida helps the GOP


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So glad the transient and foreigner areas of the state which are Miami, Broward, WPB, Orlando and Tampa don't get to decide the leaders for the great people in the rest of the state. 

Rural Florida makes up much more area and the people who have called Florida home for generations should have a say in who their leaders are. 

The big cities are just melting pots of cluster fuck Yankees and foreigners. 

Love seeing the rural turnout trump the big cities 

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3 hours ago, FloTex said:

How in the hell can the Broward County election supervisor have a job?  Total incompetence, at the best, or total corruption.  

I go with corruption.

It’s called liberalism. The irony of democratic campaigns continuously suing democrat run election commissions is beyond funny. Abrams is suing the Dougherty county election commission.

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14 hours ago, Sportsnut said:

Florida is fucked up because of all the old people. 

Hard to concentrate or remember.

Should not be allowed to vote.

Hate to admit Sportsnut, but you might be right. When marking a ballot becomes too complex for the voter maybe they should stay home. The irony and or stupidity is these are deep blue counties run by incompetent Democrats with very little common sense. Flor-i-daa does it again.....my people (shaking my damn head)

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