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Could the aftermath of the coronavirus influence which cities athletes may choose to play in?


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Using European soccer as an example:  The virus has been catastrophic in Madrid and Milan, much less so in Munich, Vienna, Rome and, I believe, Naples.  I do not believe Manchester has taken a big hit nor several other major European cities. (I’m not sure about Barcelona.)

I also do not want to”jinx” a team from a second wave by saying this.

But even when there is a vaccine could a player perhaps prefer to play where the virus was not as devastating?

We really do not know how this will influence sports but I do believe it will have major effects.


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1 hour ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

I take that back... I have mixed emotions... those in denial stand out the most....


Many of those in denial seem to do so for political reasons, the sports world in general seems to be on the side of rationality.  They’ve taken it more seriously without diving universally into conspiracies and underlying plots.  

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