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2021 NFL Draft who are you taking?


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Fields or Lawrence? 

I don't think you can go wrong with either but I have noticed when playing on equal terms Fields has out performed Lawrence. Almost as if Lawrence feels the pressure of directly being compared to Fields. Fields haters will claim he can't read a defense but I don't really see any college qb reading defenses they all check to the sidelines for adjustments including Fromm. Also Pat Mahomes himself said he had no idea how to read a defense until his second year in the NFL. Im a pats fan so I want Fields to go there. Belichick has wanted a dual threat qb since he first saw Watson play which is why he wanted to keep Jimmy G. 

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Need more info. 

I know this. Lawrence, who I’ve watched in three title games, gets nervous. Versus BT, bama and LSU his passes were all sailing on him. That comes from extreme nervousness. He doesn’t have those problems against wake forest or ga tech. 

I believe pup fans when they say fields was a one read tuck and go player for them. Didn’t watch enough OSU games this season to see if he had overcome that, but it seemed to me his first instinct against clemson was the same. 

I’m not sold on either yet from an nfl future standpoint, but if I had to choose today I’d take Lawrence because I’m positive he can get through his progressions, he’s got decent pocket presence and I think he’ll grow out of the nervousness that make his hands feel numb in big games.



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Lawrence. He cost me 5 grand when he ran it up in Saban in the title game. Also turned it on and won the head to head vs Fields & we all saw what Ohio State just did in the draft. 
I wish Kirby would’ve pulled his head out and kept Justin in the SEC. Bryce Young’s first signature win would’ve come week 3 against the dawgs & Fields but Jamie Newman will do. 😏

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