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Let's be real..#nofakenews


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During the past couple of years we have seen the emergence of "Super Teams" in High School football.  These teams are such an anomaly that you cannot hold blowout losses against teams which schedule these elite  teams.  This is where the human polls get it wrong.  Pollsters can't help themselves from penalizing a team for a 14-52 loss to SJB, the same as a 14-52 loss to Collquit County or De Paul (even though no one nationally relevant ever loses by that much to Collquit County or De Paul).

Computer polls are un emotional and factor in the fact that SJB is a "Super team", and computer ratings don't over penalize the losing team for having scheduled SJB.

A case in point of how playing, and getting blown out by Super teams influences the feeble minded, is when posters toss those losing teams into the trash heap of "also rans", when in fact, those losing teams are actually on a very high tier themselves. 

So the moral of the story is Scheduling is a huge factor in W-L, but those Wins and Losses are not all equal, when in fact a 4-6 team that schedules, (3) Super teams may very well be superior to a 9-1 team that plays inferior programs + equally talented programs.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it for a bit, before giving to much credit for wins and losses


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I think you are right to an extent. 

Some teams may get blown out by Bishop Gorman and then go home and look very tough against inferior competition. So the question becomes, how much credit should they get for playing BG and getting blown out? If the rest of their schedule ends up being against CP propped up teams, they tend to get more credit for getting blown out than teams that don't.


Our choices are sorry either way. Go with the CP/Ned propped up teams or go with the Jamie DeMoney propped up teams.

Of course we could always go with the best algorithm and poll... One that doesn't appear to prop up half a state in order to get to the same ends every season. High School Football America and Jeff Fisher. 


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