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How does...


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At CalPreps, how does...

IMG move from a 120.1 to a 129.8 with a game rating of 92.4 vs Chandler.

Mater Dei move from a 101.5 to a 108.6 with a game rating of 73.1 vs Bishop Amat. Math tells you thats a huge drop... not a 7 point rise.

BG move from a 82.8 to a 93 with a game rating of 81.4.... math tells you thats a small drop.

De La Salle went from a 70.3 to a 70.6 with a game rating of 28.8... granted its a faded gray game... but it wouldnt cause any sort of upward movement... ever so slightly down maybe bc of poor SoS.


Strangely enough DeMatha had a 69.7 before the BG game... scored a 78 game rating, and actually moved down to a 66.4


Shits broken.


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40 minutes ago, GloryDays said:

Maybe you still don't know how it works?


Just a thought.

The way it works is explained. Precisely.

The ratings are being maneuvered by a person is my point.

You act like theres something mysterious... its actually simple. And the fact you made this 1 of your very few posts now... means this subject bothers you.


At the end of the year, you add up Black PRs and you can just about get a teams rating to come out right. The problem is maneuvering these teams this way falsely elevates them and the teams they play.

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