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I beg to differ about the Packers playing little OOS competition!


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Just this season, they play teams from Vista Murietta, Calif., Roswell, Tucker, Bishop Sullivan, Va., Brookwood, and Norcross! That's SIX right there!

I met another serviceman from Sandy Springs while I was in Japan in the late sixties, while I was in the military! I told him, that I was glad to FINALLY see someone ELSE from Georgia over there! He responded with, well I'm NOT FROM Georgia! I'm from ATLANTA! Thus the validation of my claim! You can talk to fans at games in that area for an hour! And I think that I've talked to MAAAYbe a dozen native Georgians in the past two decades, at those games!

And in 2015, they played ELEVEN OOS games! And there ain't half of one percent, of those Carpetbaggers, who can pronounce the name of CAULQUITT county, or even know how to get there without GARMIN! Unless they are returning for a visit to that Northern shit hole that they slithered out of to steal our jobs! Or are going to Disney World! Most get nose bleeds when they venture out of the seven county metro area! They SWEAR that they hear banjos and hill billies in the distance!

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7 minutes ago, Ararar said:

 your first paragraph had the exact opposite meaning than you intended 

REALLY? There are GEORGIANS, and then there are ATLANTANS! EVERY time there is a large contingent of the opponent's fans at Falcons and Braves games! The commentators always comment about how WELL that team travels! Those carpetbaggers ain't traveled SPIT! They LIVE IN THE ATL!

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