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I Asked Kirby Last Night...


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....Dawg, how many more players can we afford to lose to injury?

His response?

"Rufus, give me a minute...I'm praying."

I have never seen anything like it.  I'm not sure we have any O-Linemen left.  I know we don't have any RBs other than Daijun...and Cash in an absolute necessity.  Hell, we're already using a converted WR to run the ball.  We even used our center against Vandy...(Smile).

Just when we start to get receivers back on the mend...Bowers goes down.

I'm just waiting for Kirby to go down with an ankle.

Oh, and one last thing...did everybody see the body block that Beck thru on the Vandy D-Back to prevent the Pick Six?  Jesus !!!  I know Bobo's heart skipped a couple of beats.

I don't think we can get our guys off injured reserve before the Florida game...but I do think this is one time the "bye week" will really help.

Get Well Dawgs !!!!!




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53 minutes ago, RedZone said:

See you in Atlanta!  You'll be healthy by then.

Better not sleep on the Missouri Tiger though.

They didn't beat Kentucky as bad as Georgia did, but they still pounded them pretty good yesterday.

Their offense is legit.  

Right now...we're more worried about having enough players to line up against Florida on the 28th.




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18 minutes ago, Ga96 said:

Hey @Rufus69 you can direct stumblinjoe to my many of post since he wants to know what happened with the current juniors and the whole Lowndes team.

Two things...hoss....

1.  I would never direct anybody to your posts.

2.  What defense will Ms. Carter run against Colquitt?


I thought maybe the 3-3-5...but if Billy has his way...maybe the 5-2-4?

If she tells Adam to run a 4-3-4...I don't know what my Packers will do.




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