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Meeeeechigan loses to State


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12 hours ago, hardhit1 said:

Meeeeechigan loses to Mich State 14-10ūüėÄ

Eds Dowell with big 4th qtr INT

who was that O korn guy? 

Look like he never sniffed the end zone 

should have been a D player 

who were his HS coaches? Not very good 

Madre London TD and a 50 yard run or so... 

O'Korn struggled no doubt and is no Jake Rudock. :)  

2012 John Curtis majority MNC can be attributed to O'Korn's leading his HS team to upset number one Manatee...  well prepared squad that day.  



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52 minutes ago, golfaddict1 said:

2012 John Curtis majority MNC can be attributed to 

1. ¬†Over-evaluating, then over-weighting ‚Äútalent‚ÄĚ

2.  Overweighting, then never adjusting, the quality of their win over Plant (their only top 1,000 win)

3.  Humans, even realizing their error, being unable to dislodge a #1 (which wasn’t going to happen with Curtis playing teams they had to punt to on first down just to be sporting)


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