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NJ BNU OOS games?

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Teams will only be traveling west of the Mississippi probably once every 4 years from now on. The cost is so high it really sets back the clubs fundraising for other years & now that the NJSIAA has finally stepped in & said non publics had to play each other makes it easier getting games. The days of playing 3-4 OOS games are over. BNU is hard enough no need to go & kill yourself playing really good OOS games also.

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2 hours ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

SPP pisses me off they are always stacked but they never play up like they should. 

 SJB is the only team of note I can think of that they have played that's good. 

And no disrespect to the PA schools but it seems like they (SPP) are  doing the bare minimum. 

Spp played img and sjp. 

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11 minutes ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

SJP I know but when did they play IMG

I know PC did. 

In 14 with wimbush and Mincah. 

Game was in Bradenton ... lot of tds called back on spp. 

That was a great spp team their only loss.  Img qb was FSU’s Francois.  

Bnu played img tough in 15 w bc, pc, and sjr. 

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