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The G.O.A.T. Ain’t Finished


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I thought this thread was about us......but Coach Toal is a fine man and a great coach.  We spoke a bit when he came to Cali last year.  I think he still has the passion to compete and will get back as the head guy somewhere.

Neither of us understand these candy ass millennial kids and their meddling parents.  Gawd I miss those kids from the 60's-90's. 

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12 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

 Toals decisions are best left to him as are comments...The BNU talent pool is being spread out more than ever and it's strength has diminished.. For now, it appears BC may be top dog, but they have a new coach and got destroyed last year by OOS Calf team..The days of glory have come and gone as they did for the Packers,Steelers and Pats.....Bosco omnipotence, in  football  has passed, never to return...With SPP, SHP, DBP, BC, DPC, PC. PJ and SJR competing for talent, the quality of play has diminished just like the NFL.....

Interesting, surely fans are frustrated with this trend.

What's to say it stabilizes and makes a return?

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