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NJ Among the Most Educated States


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3 hours ago, Troll said:

One could take this chart as a condemnation of the $ cost of an education today,(something still way out of wack)….

if you chose to look at it that way...

Yep. The education system we have in place does not seem to keep pace with other industrialized countries, even though our costs are just as high, and in some cases higher.

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4 hours ago, Sportsnut said:

Couldn't be too bright.

Living in stinking ass Jersey.

And examine  the end result of a Jersey education in the posters from there. 


You should be afraid.  Very afraid.

Many of these New Jerseyans are moving to Georgia.  And they're not leaving. 😄

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23 hours ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

It’s okay NJ would Be like #2 or #1 smartest but my whole family lives in jersey  

Or you could look at it as Ohio being less affected by the liberal-progressive movement that dominates what was once "higher"education but is now working assiduously to brainwash our youth.

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