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Happy Columbus Day!


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Just wants to wish everyone out there a great and happy Columbus Day. 

He is the first person to ever step foot on American soil. 😂. J/K

He discovered America, and we owe all our gratitude to this great Italian explorer. 

If it wasn't for Columbus, America would be a barren wasteland with no modern technology. We owe him a great deal of credit that we are not hunting animals with spears and living in huts. 

He set the pace for all Europeans to come after him and make this the the best and strongest country in the history of mankind. If not for the Europeans, we would be a third world country full of ignorant savages. 

Thank you Christopher Columbus 👍🏻

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5 minutes ago, Troll said:

days named after men are stupid...

Flags will be waving in Paterson...

Him being a Spaniard and all, which Italians are supposed to dislike, It's never been explained well why I'm supposed to claim this day for pride in Italian heritage.....



He was from Genoa.

Hired by the king and queen of Spain.

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Just now, concha said:

He was from Genoa.

Hired by the king and queen of Spain.

yeah I'm dyslexic today, and probably shows how much I care...

Thanks for the correction though, sailed for the glory of Spain, not exactly an ex-patriot since we turned him down....but still..

never got it..... 

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21 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

Ignorance could be your calling card.

Nothing more to say.

I know. Your black. But I caved to the PC mob and didn't want to post a pic of a black guy in the jungle for fear Hawg might ban me for being racist 😂

Cant be racist against white people so I felt confident in the pic I posted. 

But you and I both got the message. You would be running around like Tarzan if it wasn't for the great Christopher Columbus! 

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