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Ohio Week 8 Predictions/Discussion


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Mentor (7-0) vs. Solon (6-1) - Mentor 42 Solon 10

Mentor is rolling teams and getting better every week. What more needs to be said? This team is absolutely a top 25 team, and finally the polls are starting to recognize it. 

Solon started the season strong but were exposed last week by Euclid, losing 21-0. 

I think Mentor keeps the train rolling. 

Colerain (7-0) @ Lakota East (5-2) - Colerain 42 Lakota East 14

Colerain looked very scary this past week putting up a 42-0 halftime lead on Mason...but it's the manner in which they've been winning that is impressive. The offense has been spreading the ball around to so many different options, and QB DSM has become a very competent passer, which has become a very effective tool to go alongside the traditional triple option. The Colerain Defense is dominating and on paper have only given up 28 pts. Most of which were against the backups. 

Lakota East is a solid but not great team. They are coached by former longtime Colerain O-Coord Rick Haynes. 

Colerain should roll in this one. Lakota East has given Colerain some trouble in recent years, attributable to having a former Colerain Coach who knew the Colerain program inside and out. Don't be surprised to see a low score in the first half.

St. Ignatius (5-2) vs. Moeller (5-2) - Iggy 21 Moeller 14

St. Ignatius is fresh off 2 wins against Canada. Iggy is looking very good Defensively and the offense is playing better. It's hard to judge too much against the last 2 opponents. 

Moeller is the surprise of the year. They keep winning games by playing good defense and scoring just enough to win. They beat Elder last week 24-21. 

This is a toss up. Both teams have strong defenses, and both offenses are really trying to find their stride. I think the difference in this game will be Iggy's Eichenberg. I think he will completely disrupt the Moe offense and hold them to 2 scores or under. The question is if Iggy can score 3 times......I have more confidence in Iggy scoring.

Elder (4-3) vs. Winton Woods (6-1) - Elder 35 Winton Woods 27

Elder fell last week to Moeller 24-21. Even though they outgained Moeller by over 100 yds, Elder had trouble converting 3rd downs, and some INT's hurt them. 

Winton Woods lost their season opener to Trotwood-Madison 13-3, but have since found their way.

Elder struggles with speedy teams. WW has tons of speed, and one of the best RB's in OH. Overall Elder is a better team this year and I think will win at home, but don't be surprised to see WW take this one...it's a bad stylistic matchup for Elder. 

Pickerington Central (6-1) vs. Pickerington North (5-2) @ Gahanna Lincoln - Pick Central 28 Pick North 24

Pick Central had been struggling with teams and it finally caught up with them last week. Although they were up by 2 scores on Lancaster with 3 mins left in the game, Lancaster was able to come back and win 31-30! Lancaster has given Pick Central problems the last couple of years. 

Pick North had a ton of preseason hype because of some of the studs they returned including one of the top prospects in the nation DE Sawyer. They also have a nice TE and had a QB transfer back to Pick North after starting the last 2 years at Gahanna Lincoln. Some of the Pick North hype has died off after back to back close losses to Coffman and Reynoldsburg.

This is a tough game to predict. Pick North usually plays Pick Central tough. Pick Central should come out with something to prove. 

Dublin Coffman (7-0) vs. Hilliard Davidson (6-1) - HD 21 Coffman 20

Coffman hasn't been making it easy but they're undefeated. They have a nice win over Pick North. I'm still not sold on Coffman, but they've done everything they needed to up to this point.

HD has been winning games playing HD ball (playing great defense and using as much clock as possible at all times to limit their opponent's number of possessions.) They lost in OT to Pick Central after fumbling on their possession. Because of HD's style of play it can be hard to gauge how good they are. 

This is a toss up. 


St. Edward started a little slow against a solid Cathedral team, but ended up dominating by the end of the game, winning 39-14. Ed's is improving a lot and is starting to look like the team we all were expecting in the preseason. 

Hoban likely won't be challenged until the Semifinals of the playoffs. 

TCC seems unstoppable and look to be headed toward a semifinal matchup with Hoban. What a game that would be!

St. X turned it around last week, and for the 2nd year in a row, unexpectedly beat La Salle by the same score, 42-7. I don't think La Salle's McLaughlin has figured out how to gameplan for St. X yet. Either way St. X got a much needed win to keep playoff hopes alive. St. X should be able to handle Clarkson North ON this week.


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I too expect Mentor to win comfortably over Solon. The Comets have been injury-bitten lately, and their star receiver Trevon Raphael has been in and out of the lineup with suspected academic/disciplinary issues. Their defense has been solid, but haven't seen anything like Mentor's offense to date. 

The Iggy-Moe matchup is one of the more difficult games to predict, and I think you summed it up perfectly. Which offense can reach that 21-24 point threshold? Turnovers may dictate which team that is. 

Another interesting game out of the Dayton area will be Wayne-Fairmont. A Wayne "upset" will get them back in the R3 mix. 

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Nice right up Cole

starting with Ed’s first since I was at the game which is better than tv/stream since you can see the plays develop 

QB Dzouro started making some bad decisions but rebounded with 4 TD passes

eds played multiple players at new positions on D  and seem to touch the sweet spot now with some combos 

Iggy/Moeller game looks to be the game this week in Ohio. If you daisy chain the games Iggy wins based on their common opponent Elder. 

This will be a tough one to pick even though Moeller travels north but they are coming in the day before

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4 hours ago, zulu1128 said:

Yeah, the "travel effect" for Moe should be nil. Unless the Friday night hotel party gets out of hand. :D

Good point.  I have watched the StX trips North for Saturday games with St Ignatius..... seem to remember most travel on Saturdays.

Hey, new Coach....new ideas....seems to be working for them.  If you look at the Harbin's, this game is more important to St. I's than Moeller.  Look for Ignatius win.... greater sense of urgency, IMO.

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4 minutes ago, OdbCle said:

Mentor QB Kipp will be sitting out the Solon game with a shoulder sprain. Mentor is strong enough across the board that this shouldn't effect the outcome, but it will be interesting to see how the offense operates in his absence. 

Yes, Mentor should be fine.....but dam......Kipp is a helluva QB. At least their backup has probably had plenty of snaps this season.

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2 minutes ago, Coletrain06 said:

Yes, Mentor should be fine.....but dam......Kipp is a helluva QB. At least their backup has probably had plenty of snaps this season.

Their best receiver, Luke Floriea, is actually the backup.  He has received plenty of snaps at the QB position, but it obviously takes away from the passing game. 

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9 hours ago, hardhit1 said:

Mentor scores 28-21 Solons turn in OT

Solon scores and goes for 2 and converts 

Solon 29-28 final wow

Perfect storm (no pun intended). Mentor w/o Kipp. Cold night with a steady rain. The Comets have had Mentor's number in recent years, but this is still a very surprising outcome. 

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Ohio Friday Finals:

Colerain 42, Lakota East 0 - Cards easily a unanimous #1 in D1 after the Mentor loss

St. X 38, Football North Clarkson 19

WW 28, Elder 10 - I'd like to hear more about this game. I figured WW would be able to score as they usually have a speedy team, but to hold Elder to 10 is surprising

Hilliard Davidson 24, Coffman 7 - big statement win for HD (good call Coletrain)

Pick C 16, Pick N 7

Wayne 49, Fairmont 44 - Wayne staying alive in a competitive R3

Euclid 42, Brunswick 7

Hoban 63, Padua 8

St. Edward 38, Football North St. Joseph 7

TCC 49, TSFD 0



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