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Louisiana Ballers "Balling" for Alabama...


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6 starters

K Joseph Bulovas (5A Mandeville) FG 8/12 XPM 47/48

TE Irvin Smith (5A Brother Martin) 22 REC 384 yds 5 TD

WR Devonta Smith (3A Amite) 21 REC 409 yds 3 TD (will be back vs LSU)

LB Dylan Moses (3A UHigh) 42 tackles 2nd on team

DE  Isaiah Buggs (5A Ruston) 27 tackles 6th on team

DB  Shyheim Carter (1A Kentwood) 23 tackles 8th on team









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17 minutes ago, HawgGoneIt said:

Are all of those private schools?

Just curious. Not sure I ever heard of Kentwood. 

2 private (Brother Martin, UHigh), 3 public.

Kentwood is one of our 1A powers currently #1 in 1A and the favorite to win 1A public.

Kentwood will war with 1A Southern Lab (private) in a couple weeks. That game will decide their district and will be streaming live on Yurview. We split come playoff time so they won't see each other in the playoffs.

Kentwood has 7 or 8 D1s while Southern Lab has about 17 or so...

Class 1A

School 1st rec pts prev

  1. Kentwood (8) 8-0 114 1
  2. Lafayette Christian (1) 8-0 105 2
  3. Southern Lab 7-1 96 3
  4. Haynesville 8-0 88 T4
  5. Oak Grove 8-0 86 T4
  6. Logansport (1) 7-0 71 6
  7. West St. John 6-2 59 7
  8. Ascension Catholic 7-1 53 8
  9. Catholic-Pointe Coupee 7-1 40 10
  10. St. Edmund 7-1 25 NR
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1A Kentwood 

LSU grabbed a Kentwood WR prospect this year...a good one.

4* WR Trey Palmer (LSU)


3* DE Kendall Wilkerson (has Wisconsin and UCF offers)


Rest of the 2019 class are more or less regional recruits with those type offers including FCS offers.


The 2020 Kentwood class has a couple 3* prospects so far....

bandicam 2018-10-23 10-23-06-979.jpg

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Buggs leads the SEC in sacks with 8.5. He was a high prize JUCO recruit that got tons of hate mail for choosing Bama over LSU.  He’s a ridiculous load inside and on his way to an all american season and 1st round draft pick. Playing lights out. 

Irv Smith is a nightmare weapon at TE and a guy Bama is using more than any at the position under the Saban era. 

Dylan Moses continues to grow into the Star we thought he’d be. Great player with incredible athleticism. That one hurt LSU the most publicly but losing out on Buggs and Smith probably had bigger impact. 

Carter is playing well w/ extended minutes with Diggs out. I’d like to see him continue to improve in the backend but he pressures well when asked to blitz 

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