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Some New Louisiana Enrollment Numbers for 2019/2020


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Evangel Christian 270: will play in 4A/D2 next year. (2A enrollment)

John Curtis 390: will play 5A/D1 next year. (2A enrollment)

Archbishop Rummel 1050: will play 5A/D1 next year (4A enrollment)

West Monroe 2157: will play 5A next year (5A enrollment)

CE Byrd 1955: will play in 5A/D1 next year (5A enrollment)

Catholic (Baton Rouge): 2192: will play in 5A/D1 next year (5A enrollment)

UHigh (Baton Rouge): 458: will play in 3A/D2 next year (3A enrollment)

Edna Karr 1090: will play in 4A next year (4A enrollment)-possible Edna Karr may get bumped to 5A depending on cutoff.




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Karr likely will not make the 5A cutoff on enrollment (should be around 1,140), unless they elect to "play up" in class.  Looks like new entries in 5A on enrollment will be Benton, West Ouachita (imagine if those kids were still at West Monroe), and Southside (Lafayette).  It will be interesting to see how the districts are drawn, if things stay the same in North Louisiana or if they decide to change things up.  There will be 8 schools in the Shreveport/Bossier area but there is speculation they may send the Cenla schools to the Shreveport district and the Bossier schools east to join Monroe/Ruston.  Right now 2-5A with Cenla means 3 schools 100 miles away while 1-5A (Shreveport/Bossier) are all within a 30 mile radius...  will be fun to see how it shakes out.

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47 minutes ago, 181pl said:

Call Venice or Braden River. They'd probably accept. We know Hillsb. County teams have their hands tied for the most part.


Still waiting for you to set up a Fla vs the World at Ray Jay or the Trop.

That wouldn't work. Hillsborough extorts all the teams into sharing the revenue equally and if you host it in a venue like Ray Jay, you have to pay stupid money to them, and pay the FHSAA third party fees. 

Plus no one would show up. Lol. 

Venice and B River ain't on Allen's level. They would be more along Highland Park, Denton Ryan, Pearland type teams. 

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