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The face of the looney Demorats party.....


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2 hours ago, dan in daytona said:

She's got bigger balls then half the conservatives on this site. Some of us aren't intimidated by a woman with a point of view,  the gumption to stand for her beliefs, and to get on top when she prefers it......damn scared little sissy boys   :)  



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1 hour ago, Sportsnut said:

I will Jr.

Just today, I said to my son, " there are some stupid white boys in the world today" and he said " the numbers are growing and the level of stupidity is reaching crisis stage".

I agreed and we left it at that.

Did he ask you if you'd like to supersize your order? Or was it if you wanted to double bag your groceries?  Like father like son!  Ahahaha

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