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OT: I see Hillary crawled out from under her rock yesterday


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12 minutes ago, noonereal said:

and in true politician mode, refused personal responsibility for her failed presidential campaign. 

Russia's fault, Comey's fault, blah, blah, blah. 

One thing all our esteemed leaders have in common, not a one takes personal responsibility. 


Without a doubt quite possibly the worst candidate along with politician ever in US politics. BTW I didn't know she was still alive. Maybe her loser campaign manager cajun can give her a few pointers in politics LMAO!

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29 minutes ago, LeftOnBase said:

What happened to LOS? He is usually all over these type threads.

Best guess?  A psychotic break with reality from the Cankles loss and Trump victory.

Caj might have had such an episode also, but he lacks anything remotely close to the brain power required to suffer psychosis. His inability to deal with reality is due to sheer stupidity.

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6 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

That book does both and keeps it pithy... Your real historical and factual knowledge of Hillary is lacking,almost to a fault...Read a Case against Hillary, by Peggy Noonon....You must comply and read more factual accounts and negate the theory world....Our enemies do not work in the theory world,rather the world of destruction..

how would you know? I virtually never speak of her except to say I always disliked her. 

really? a pedestrian book delves into clinical manifestations of actions and responses? That is very unusual. 

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