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Starting 5

Belly Bob

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Suppose you get to draft 5 guys from history to try to win as many championships as possible, but you don't know what era you'd have to play in. So, you might not have a 3-point line etc. You've got to take into consideration synergy, longevity, etc. 

5. Kareem. Probably the most efficient scorer of all time, but he also led the league in rebounds and blocked shots. Durable. Was able to run with Magic when he was an old man.

4. Russell. Winningest player of all time. Dominant defender and rebounder. Ferocious competitor. Natural leader. Wouldn't have to score on this team.

3. LeBron. Swiss Army knife. 

2. Michael Jordan. Google him. 

1. Stockton. He could pass the ball, but he was also a solid defender (5x All-Defensive Team) and led the league in steals 2x; and though he was never a big scorer, he was very efficient, often shooting well over 50 percent from the field and forty from behind the arc. He wouldn't have to create his own shots on this team.

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5 hours ago, imaGoodBoyNow said:

I’m taking Yao Ming, shaquil O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, Reggie Miller , Kobe


@Belly Bob hands down my team destroys yours

Maybe for a season or two. But Shaq and Kobe couldn't get along because each needed to be the star and they lost to the underdog Pistons and the Lakers had to trade Shaq, who wanted out. My guys would do better in the long run.  

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