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Tennessee ban from Oxford Alabama HS.


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How long has the new staff been employed by UT? 

If the old staff recruited an option QB and the new staff likes to run 5 wide, they would probably pull the scholly in favor of a player who fits their system. Maybe he doesn’t. 

I guess the timing would come into play. This staff is pretty new. I wonder how long they were employed and allowed to contact players before they decided this 

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this kid should just sit back a be patient for a week or two.  word is out that UT dumped him.  he's going to have no problem getting in at a top football program.  he looks like nothing but upside to football.  now academically speaking, I can't say and that's a bullshit excuse by UT.  how about his character/criminal issues???  if only football issue, then he's fine and will land on his feet running.  this will drive him to be awesome. send him to PSU, they need a few stud receivers that go over the middle and can take a hit.  I'm surprised Schiano isn't on the phone already too.

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