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Just now, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

Lmao no way u can put Pc up with sjr BC 


its sjr BC Imhotep charter, spp DBP 

He wanted top schools from each state. So I was doing it individually. I listed all the NJ schools. I dont believe the OP wanted to combine the states for rankings 

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19 hours ago, Adam Kurkjian said:

I don't know if anyone in Pa. will be as good as last year's Pine--Richland team. I know Coatesville brings back a lot from the team that almost beat SJP last year, but I wouldn't know what a top 5 would look like.

It Would of been nice to see PR with Jurkovec play a top 10 team last year to really gauge how elite they were.... he was so dynamic. I read he's up close to 230 at 6"5 since he stepped on campus. I know Wayne OH was down last year by their standards  but I would guess they haven't  lost by that wide a margin in recent history (42-0). Not to mention PR easily handled sjp in state finals .....

I think we can expect one team annually in the top 10 nationally  from combined NJ, OH, and PA but that's it.

PR in 17

sjp in 16

Eds 14 and 15

SPP in 14 



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3 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Not a stretch being that they'll be in lil bro G3 again. Can they go undefeated in-state like BC did last season? That would be a feat and deserving of a high national ranking. 

All I’m going to say is stay tuned  for the next month,, If this team clicks chemistry wise and we get a few key transfers , the sky’s the limit

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