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I ain't NO kanye!


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4 minutes ago, DarterBlue said:

I don't think that video is appropriate. While I may have my issues with the First Lady, she should not be mocked in a sexually explicit way or at all.


She supports and turns a blind eye to a clown who has mocked everyone even the disabled.

Fair game honestly...

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1 hour ago, RedZone said:

The orange clown  created this "anything goes culture" we now live in and see before us each and everyday.

It's the Wild Wild West of mocking, belittling, insulting, and etc. However it's portrayed.

Why is clown and his immune to this toxic wasteland? Right, horsefaces?

You are just a mindless robot following the mob. No original thought. Just get sucked in with the rest of the sheep. No wonder you cry and bitch all the time. You do what your masters tell you to do. I bet you dress up as Antifa but you clam up and can't even make it out of the house. A total fraud. No one respects you, and your wife thinks of real men when you lay with her. Growing up your parents used to be embarrassed of you, so they would take pictures with your friends so they can show people at work to save from being disgraced. Lol. 😂


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