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McKinley (LA) QB killed at graduation party


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Very sad news: 

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A recent McKinley High School graduate and former starting quarterback died Saturday evening from a gunshot wound.

McKinley High School senior and starting quarterback, 18-year-old Bryant Lee, was shot early Saturday morning in North Baton Rouge, according to Ken Hilton, head football coach at McKinley. Hilton said Lee was on his way home after a party.

"It's a sad day when you lose a member of your family like this," Hilton said.

Baton Rouge Police detectives report that Lee was shot in the head in the 1100 block of Sparrow St at around 1:30 a.m., and was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Hilton says that Lee was a 3.5 gpa student and was already looking forward to attending college at Southern University.

"He was talking about going on to college, walking on to play football, and now this," Hilton said. "This is a real tough pill to swallow."

Sources say there may be additional victims of the shooting.

"I really think something is missing. Something is really missing," Hilton said. "It's a happy time. A day before Mother's Day, three days before he graduates."

He later died at Our Lady of the Lake hospital from the injuries he sustained, according to the East Baton Rouge Parish coroner.

This incident comes only six months after a drive-by shooting in November of 2016 where Lee was shot in the leg.

"I really hate this for this young man and his immediate family. Of course the McKinley family also," Hilton said. "Everybody who knew this man will be impacted now that he's gone."

The motive is unknown at this time.

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1 hour ago, paladin4ever said:

According to the news link above, it happened in the area of Southern University. This is not supposed to be a bad area.


Hate hearing shit like this.  Happens all too often.  TK comes to mind thats for sure.  The day before he leaves for Oregon.  Ugh.  Can't imagine nor do I want to imagine what his family must be going through. 

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44 minutes ago, Coletrain06 said:

Unfortunately, getting shot twice in 6 months...1st a drive by, and the other in the head...would seem insanely coincidental to be wrong place, wrong time. 

Some guys maybe are just magnets for it but who knows maybe there is something more to the story.  He had great grades so we know he was no slacker.  Just horrible. 

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