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Wtf is this ?


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19 hours ago, Ga96 said:


Not only did he not write his own speech but he obviously doesn't gaf or wants to be there. Looks like he is ready to jump ship like he has done in his failed business ventures.

With his stupidity, he wouldn't be able to figure out how to get off the ship. He'd probably go down to the hull and poke a hole in it and try to get out that way. Idiot.

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36 minutes ago, imaGoodBoyNow said:

Go head and tell us why a pedophile should be in office instead of trump

Trump's foundation is built off lies. He claims that he gets along better with dictators of other countries. ICE. He has no regard for human safety or social equality. He acts like a baby. He overrode Congress. He invited the Taliban to Camp David (whatever happened to "the US doesn't negotiate with terrorists?"). His response to the coronavirus was below subpar. His response to school shootings was also terrible. He was literally impeached. He has been called out numerous times for sexual harassment. Need I go on?

He is ranked as the worst president by one website. The Presidential Greatness Survey also ranked him as America's worst president ever. There are several other sites to back this information up.

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