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Please Trump start your own (Patriot) Party

dan in daytona

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If you can trust the media (wink,wink) the Orange Man is seriously thinking of starting a new national political party. It could be called the "Patriot Party." Please, please, pretty please my Lord do it !!!  If that's not a winner (for the Dems) then this old man has never seen one before. Split the GOP and the enlightened rule the landscape for a decade or so. I'm no big fan of the second impeachment other then its historical branding of the fool. Just go away Trump is good enough. Mitch McConnell, unlike The X, is no fool. If Trump's grand idea is seen by Mr. McConnell as a viable possibility then he and 16 other Republicans could vote to impeach and ban Trumpy just to save the party of Lincoln's collapse....fingers crossed  :)    

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17 hours ago, HawgGoneIt said:

Gonna hafta call it the Patriot party. G.O.P./Government Of Putin is already taken. 

Well...I guess that helps solve the immediate problem.  I also was told that the G.O.P. was gonna take MAJOR issue with Trumpy The Clown's "Patriot Party".   But that's only hearsay.....




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First of all...I despise Trumpy The Ass Clown.

Second of all...there is almost nothing that would give me more pleasure to to see the Senate convict his Cheeto face.

Third of all....there is not a single person with a brain that actually thinks that will happen.


Why go thru all this circus?  Why waste all this time and money on something that is practically guaranteed to fail.  It makes no sense.  If you are gonna have a trial...bypass all the shit and just vote.  VOTE TODAY.  Whichever way it goes...it goes.  We should be pushing the Democrat's agenda which includes the fight against COVID.  There are more important things to attack.  Let the Pubs worry about Trumpy The Ass Clown and his Patriot Party.

It's time to get back on track.  It's time to make changes...with or without "unity".

It's time to free up the tequila !!!!




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