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MEANWHILE Good ole Joey Biden is taking our Government funds that we can use in this Pandemic, and paying for countries to Have abortions


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On 11/4/2020 at 9:14 AM, Cat_Scratch said:

Probably going on with their lives... What do you expect them to do... Whine, Cry and have tantrums like in the Dems in 2016 did? Trumpers do not act like babies.


On 2/12/2017 at 7:20 PM, Nolebull813 said:

I'm calling them sensitive because (mainly Cajun) constantly posts anything Trump does. Nobody was putting out creepy threads everyday about everything Hussein Obama did. It comes across that everything is offensive and that's where the term snowflake came from. From clowns like him crying and complaining all the damn time. It's like man the fuck up. I hope you don't act like that in front of any women. Lol 


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18 minutes ago, Atticus Finch said:

I read those quotes by Nolebull813 and Cat_Scratch in Zapp Brannigan's voice.


perhaps you should have thought of the difference in a woman's right to her own body....

you know

as much for abortions

as she does with vaccines that could make her sterile...


PS: do you have any rights with your own body, our are you just waiting for the chinese anal swab  





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