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T&F US Olympic trials


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100 & 400 completed.  

Mens 100 semis and finals info.  
Bednarek’s start was brutally slow and still managed 4th.  

So cool to see Bromell healthy and shining bright.  

Bracy went down early with an injury in the semis and Gatlin didn’t qualify.    Demps gave it go but didn’t qualify in first round.  Boling ran a 10.13 to qualify for the semis.  

Noah Lyles failed to qualify in the 100, but previous 400 meter specialist Fred Kerley did.  

Michael Norman won the 400 in a strong time and Allyson Felix qualified finishing 3rd!  
STA Grad Kendall Ellis finished 4th and hopefully will compete in the 4x400 relay for the US.  









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LSU's Sha’Carri Richardson, well not anymore...she turned Pro as a freshman.

She's from Dallas, Texas.


Richardson has been building toward this victory for two years. After breaking the collegiate record in the 100 meters at the 2019 NCAA Outdoor Championships, the former LSU standout decided to forgo her remaining NCAA eligibility to turn pro as a freshman. This season, the 21-year-old emerged as a medal contender when she set a then-world leading time of 10.72 at the Miramar Invitational in April.

Now she is ranked No. 2 in the world behind Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica who ran 10.62, the second-fastest 100-meter time in history.

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RZ, Hobbs was a surprising DQ in the semis.  It appeared that the attractive sprinter from Harvard false started… but Hobbs slightly flinched prior in the next lane and that was it.  Heartbreaking… 

Daniels, who finished 3rd, is from FL and graduated from the University of TX.  Big legs… powerful sprinter.  Veteran Jenny Prandini 4th and likely a 4x100 candidate for the squad. 

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1. It's time for Justin Gatlin to hang it up. 

2. I was very surprised to see Noah Lyles smoked like that in the 100.

3. I hate that Christian Coleman is banned from competition this year. 

4. Who's gonna be on the men's 4x1 team now that Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman won't be on it? And I don't trust Noah Lyles being on the 4x1 after what we saw yesterday. 

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23 hours ago, golfaddict1 said:

17 years old 😯…. Semifinal round.  

Boling made it to the semifinal round, but didn’t qualify for the finals.  



That kid is amazing man.  He should be a senior in HS lol (not sure he still goes at this point) 

What’s amazing is how he beat Lyles.   I mean it wasn’t the final but still wow.

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Happy for Syd the Kid. I do feel like Dalilah is gonna win the gold in Tokyo tho. 

I hope Erriyon Knighton medals in tokyo.

Sha'carri Richardson will win gold in the 100m IF she improves that start.

And the great Allyson Felix will get the silver medal in Tokyo (400m). Love her, but you can tell she has lost a step or two. 

Gabby Thomas is a strong candidate to win gold in the 200m. I like her chances....a lot. 

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On 6/27/2021 at 11:35 AM, golfaddict1 said:


Semifinal round video… 

Finals:  Grant, Devon Allen (Oregon WR in football) and Roberts went 1-2-3 in the final 😊 


Looking fwd to watching the 200 meter men’s final tonight as well as Sydney McLaughlin in the women’s 400 meter hurdles final.  

Really Glad Roberts made it.   He will be faster than Allen if he’s healthy.  

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16 hours ago, FootballGuy said:

I hate that Christian Coleman is banned. Our 4x1 team most likely breaks the world record with him on it. 

…Could break it anyway. 

I’d place them:  Baker, Bromell, Bednarek and Lyles  
If they don’t F up a handoff with a lane violation, they’ll win Gold.  

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