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Damn those white supremacists!


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Did any of you lefties come up with any good ideas on how to save black lives? How many Black people were killed by klan members this week? Chicago is run by Democrats from top to bottom. What should they do to curb this violence? If black lives really mattered wouldnt you want to get to the bottom of this?


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Maybe someone from the Biden administration can go into the inner cities of Chicago, Los Angeles,  Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, New York etc etc and let all the people know they can rest easy that all the dead black bodies piling up in their communities will soon stop because they have found out the biggest threat plaguing them is some rednecks in the mountains of Arkansas and Tennessee. 

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Just now, Ga96 said:

Please try to go back and finish high school and take as many college courses as possible on black people and black history.

Right now what you type and think is the equivalent of someone drinking out of a septic tank.

I don’t think that response will help any black lives to be saved. 

that is why no one will ever take people like you seriously. because 95% of Black people are killed by other Black people. 

but for some strange reason you want to focus on the other 5% as if the other 95% doesn’t exist. 

that is the opposite of concern for black lives

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4 hours ago, DickTurpin said:

does any of that 95% consist of local and state law enforcement? i"m not positive but i would wager that 95% would be within the margin of error for the killing of all races..



just a note....

but "law enforcement" is multi-racial and multi-cultural 👍

Chicago Chief's Firing Again Rattles Confidence in Force | Chicago News |  WTTW

Hope this helps 👌


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