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Georgia/Missouri = Interesting


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1 hour ago, RedZone said:

Can Missouri last for 4 quarters is the question.

.......10-10 on the road has to be considered a win for Missouri in the first half.



I should be watching this game, but I’ve been following FSU @ Pitt.  
10-7 FSU mid 3rd. Pitt 0-7 on 3rd downs.  Pitt at FSU 26 with injury timeout.  Come back and there’s a sidelines flag on a Pitt player.  He must have wished the ref a pleasant day… ref flung the flag straight up.  Goodbye FG attempt to tie. Back to the 41.  Punt formation.   Ouch.  

All FSU since that flag.  24-7 late 3rd.  CBS change now to your game.  

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Game changer!   Big fella DT #98 early Xmas gift.  Awful pass.  

Flag wipes out the big gainer.  
GA own 30.  Game changer reversed.  

Under 6 min.  GA nearing FG range, but more importantly leading by 6 and chewing clock.   Under 5 min. 35 yd line.  4:44

3rd down rb valve to the 31.  48 yarder buried.  3:57

30-21.  GA is safe. Freshman kicker.  
Dartmouth’s pk went 4-4 and had a game winning 47 yarder for victory last night vs Princeton.  Great game.  Also a freshman. 

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