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For HOGNATION ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I was fortunate enough to be able to peruse the preseason PACKER REPORT yesterday! For those who haven't seen it yet! It  involved dialogue tween Coach Propst, the illustrious Wayne, the man Grandy, and a monlogue from Ryan Keebler! It gave a brief overview of the new digs at the high school! And MY question is THIS! WHY, for in excess of 4 MILLION dollars Amuuurican, are they STILL lacking in various amenities? WHY only ONE end zone at the IPF? WHY no video screens in the strength and conditioning area? And why no auditorium in a $45,000,000 high school? And WHERE did the baseibol practice fields go? And LASTLY, WHY are they paying $600,000 for a quickly detoriorating surface at the HOG PEN? When they have a far superior surface both indoor and out at the new facility, that keeps the temps down by thirty degrees over the old surface? It just appears to a persona on the outside looking in, that they ain't getting much cluck for their buck!

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Moultrie has always been the best getting less with more. 

There is no good explanation. 

If I were to make assumptions and guesses, I'd think that in order to get some things that were wanted or needed in other places, the indoor facility was shortened one endzone. Not sure how many thousands of dollars that may have saved to go into something else.

There's quite a few things in the new athletics dept. that are worthy of a good bitch session with someone, but, that won't get us anywhere, because it's already a done bun. It's kind of sad to think that with that much money being spent, there is some things that we'll just have to make do with.

The facilities are still superb and better than most in the country.


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