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Miller Grove vs Colquitt (Scrimmage)


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Morning Gurus....

Well....it's football time.  Or at least...it's time to knock heads with another colored jersey.  To be honest...I don't know a lot about the Wolverines.  Really don't know what to expect.  I know the Hawgs will be down a couple or so players...but at least it's only a scrimmage.  But...let's be honest...it don't matter if it's tiddlywinks...Rush wants to win.  Me and "Doc" sent him our version of tonight's game plan.  Wasn't complicated.  Actually pretty simple.


I expect we'll see a bunch of Hawgs running in and out of the game.  A lot of kids getting some exposure.  This is the final tune up for opening week in the Benz Saturday week.  Like "Doc" has always said....Rufus, you line up and play with them that ya got.  I just always prefer to have as many as I can to line up with.  Any way ya cut it....football is upon us.  And it's about time.  i don't think I coulda lasted another 49 seconds.  

So to everybody that's taking the field tonight...I say...stay safe...play hard...and enjoy every moment you can.  And as always....

Go You Hairy Hawgs !!!!!!




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57 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

Don't be too rough on those Wolverines.

They have never played anyone like Colquitt.

They did lose to Rome in a close one in 16', 56-0

It's just a scrimmage.  A chance to work out kinks and improve technique.  Honestly...the JV 4th Qtr could be fun to watch.




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1 minute ago, HawgGoneIt said:

Partly cloudy skies, 92 degrees and 90% humidity. The gates are just opening. I think I heard a squeak, going to the truck to get a little wd40 for that. Can't have no squeaky gates at Mack Tharpe.




So why would  woufus Post a Thread about the scrimmage at like 5 am.     Like he’s tailgating when the games not for another 2 hours ..







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