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Meanwhile: The trump lies just keep piling up....


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1 hour ago, RedZone said:

trump lies so much his base of roxy, crying concha, dumber61, bluedot, hsfbkid, and etc don't even give a shit.



..it's simple amazing how frequent and BIG his lies have got lately...BLATANT..his 10% tax cut for the middle class in 10 days!...20 days ago?...as his clown posse bury their heads a little deeper in the sand and post goofy memes in his defense.🤡.....

this country is at an all time low due to this lying idiot who takes this nation down the gutter with him with every lie he tells...as the world laughs a little louder at us...

..how can any self respecting person support such a lying POS is way beyond me...😔

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7 hours ago, RedZone said:

"I don't know Matt Whitaker," Trump said 


...3 weeks ago?


"I can tell you Matt Whitaker's a great guy. I know Matt Whitaker," Trump said.



Man, she was never pretty, but she has gotten flat out ugly. I suppose working for DJT does that to you.

Wonder what it's doing to her internal organs?

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I know Matt Whitaker.

He's a great guy.

Very, very well respected by everyone. 

Smart, very smart, too.

Looks right out of central casting.

Played football, so you know he's a tough guy.

I never spoke to him.

Wouldn't recognize him if he was in the room.

Wasn't he the coffee boy?


Saw in the New Yorker that Trump is going to appoint El Chapo as head of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

He's a great guy.

Very smart

Very, very well respected in the world

Strong leader of men

Knows how to run an effective organization and uses many of my techniques 

The F.B.I.  is so unfair to him.  It's a criminal witch-hunt.  Very, very unfair.





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