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Week 14/Semifinals Pick'em Results


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  Week 14 Total Wins Winning %
HooverOutlaw 18 182 74%
HawgGonelt 16 178 72%
Omaha Vol 19 178 72%
ECHS05 18 174 71%
Wosinc 16 172 70%
AztecPadre 15 168 68%
LT4Spartan06 17 166 67%
Cat_Scratch 15 162 66%
Calpreps 15 160 65%
Tommygun58 17 154 63%
World Citizen   149 61%
THS2011 15 149 61%
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5 hours ago, Columbiafan said:

Idk who makes games but i suggest checking a few of the FL state championships for games this week


I suggest both 7a and 8a state championships be included for FL and if interested in a 3rd one either 4a or 5a

I would go with 7A and 8A for Florida. Very competitive teams in both divisions. 

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On 12/3/2018 at 7:06 PM, Omaha Vol said:

I think the most intriguing matchup in GA will be Blessed Trinity/Cartersville. 

For GA I agree. That & Colquitt vs Milton.

I like the 3A game also. Cedar Grove vs Peach Co.

I think Warner Robins handles Bainbridge .... Although beating Buford & Stockbridge is impressive.

And Lee handles Northside. Although you can never count Northside WR out. 

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