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Polish Parliamentarian Offers to Educate AOC


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2 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

Damn, O.K. for some to talk any way they want but not others right?

Someone needs to teach some of you a little bit of everything.

You really do think you own something here, don't you?

You speak as though your way is the way.

Your way has not worked.

Stop trying to tell people they have to speak and think like you. It has gotten you where you are today and that is not a favorable picture at this moment.


Shut up.

Stop babbling you fool.

You ruin this site with your non-stop spamming.



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6 hours ago, concha said:


AOC is a fucking moron, but far from the only one.

Lots of folks on the left could use some education.

Hitler, nazi, concentration camps...  the abuse of these words to attack their political opponents is just beyond the pale.



She is just like sperm nutz.. they scream for attention.

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