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Georgia HS fans where does Valdosta rank in terms of HC job? Top 10 top 5


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Buford vs OOS all time 10-2

2007 Grove City,OH Win 34-7

2008 Timberview,TX Win 42-21

2011 Yulee,FL Win 49-7

2014 Jax TC,FL Win 17-0

2015 Eastern Christian,MD Win 27-20

2016 Jeff Davis,AL Win 38-30

2016 International School of Broward,FL Win 48-8
2016 Bishop Timon,NY Win 49-6

2017 Melbourne Central Catholic,FL Win 34-17
2017 South Pointe,SC Lost 27-33

2018 Deerfield Beach,FL Lost 14-19

2019 Life Christian,VA Win 33-22

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According to MaxPreps the state rankings of the teams were.......

2007 Buford 4th in Georgia, Grove City 188th in Ohio

2008 Buford 2nd in Georgia, Timberview the 325th best team in Texas

2011 Buford 6th in Georgia, Yulee 88th just in Florida 

2014 Buford 2nd in Georgia, Jax TC ranked 7th in Florida

2015 Buford 10th in Georgia, ECA ranked 21st in Maryland 

2016 Buford ranked 14th in Georgia, Jeff Davis ranked 46th in Alabama, Bishop Timon ranked 65th in New York and International School of Broward ranked 376th in Florida. 

2017 Buford ranked 15th in Georgia, Melbourne Central ranked 69th in Florida

and South Pointe,SC ranked number 1 in SC

2018 Buford ranked 27th in GA, Deerfield Beach 18th in Florida 

2019 Buford 5th in GA, Life Christian 14th in Virginia.

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