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1970's Music


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8 hours ago, DevilDog said:

Another incredible Horn Section like the Group Chicago?  @Blueliner Arguably the greatest Black Band of all time to include Earth Wind and Fire.  These dudes were uber talented.


Agreed! I remember sneaking into my brother’s room when I was a kid and seeing his “Taste of Honey” album cover and was like....whoa I’ve gotta get this 🤣. Got the CD myself a few tears later. Great horns! Just listen to Love Rollercoaster, the horns are great...and that ain’t even the best song on it in my opinion. Although it was the most “popular.  

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8 hours ago, DevilDog said:

He was known as the 5th Beatle

Yes he was. Ridiculous talent. Lotsa demons. 


I’m not throwing stones! 😂 


One of my proudest accomplishments as a Dad is passing along the love of great music to my kids. For the Princess turning 17 a few days ago and Baby Sweets being 13, their musical tastes and knowledge are second to none in probably any age group. 

If one of us misses a beat dancing somebody will call them “Billy” because they got a dance that ain’t got no steps.......

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