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Are you a Trump supporter who eats pork?


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36 minutes ago, BigDrop said:

So what has this got to do with PORK......(or T)? 🤷‍♂️

So you don't find it odd at all...you know...

...that the ONLY place in South Dakota (of all places) that becomes a "Hot Spot"...

Is Chinese ???


thus making it clear why Communist China has now lashed out against President Trump by shutting down their wholly owned world’s biggest pork processor located in the United States while issuing a veiled threat warning that America was moving “perilously close to the edge” in supplies for grocers—a Communist China veiled threat against US food security coming at the exact same time yesterday as elite leftist scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci was appearing on CNN lyingly claiming that President Trump could have been saved more lives if the US had shut down in February—the same Dr. Fauci who himself was telling the American public on 29 February that there was no reason for any of them to change any behaviors because of the coronavirus


Links in red...



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10 hours ago, BigDrop said:

I am a Rastafarian and Never Trumper!😁 

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I think Big Drop is onto something. If you eat meat, you may want to stock up with a little extra if you haven't already. Plants potentially closing due to infections can create a shortage very quick. 

That Smithfield plant is just one. Sanderson Farms where I live sent home 415 workers from Albany after 15 people tested positive at the plant. They haven't totally stopped operations, but, there is potential for that to happen. 

Just be smart and fill your freezer if you have one and haven't already. When the news puts out stories about it, people tend to make a rush on the goods. 

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Same for a plant closing in Colorado...


As of Friday afternoon, two workers at the meatpacking plant have died of the novel coronavirus, according to Kim Cordova, the president of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 7 union.

On Friday, she said at least 42 union members who work at JBS and eight non-union employees have tested positive for COVID-19. Of those, five were hospitalized. She said the union believes there “may be significantly more individuals at the plant who are carrying the virus but may either by asymptomatic, not tested, or afraid to come forward as they are not eligible for sick pay.”

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