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The crown jewel: All eyes on Katy ISD's $70M stadium


The crown jewel of high school football.

At $70 million, Legacy Stadium, located on Katyland Drive, is the most expensive high school football stadium in the U.S.

"It's something that this community wanted," Superintendent Lance Hindt said. "I don't think the cost was anything that they really looked into."

The mega-stadium will hold 12,000 spectators, two concession stands on each side, two large female and male restrooms on each side and two locker rooms that can divide into four rooms for additional space.
In addition to the aforementioned amenities, the stadium will feature a dynamic exterior LED system that is capable of displaying the color of the teams playing on any night.

The first game at Mike Johnston Field at Legacy Stadium will be on Aug. 31 with Taylor High School facing off against Foster High School


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As a preface: The Houston area is my 2nd home. This is over the top. With all of the serious problems we have to deal with... this IMO is not a good priority when it comes to my taxes paying for it. If boosters and alumni want to pay for it out of their own pockets... all my best to them. But taxpayer money?... I don't think so. We are still dealing with the problems incurred from the influx of people from Katrina.

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Really no difference in this stadium and West Monroe's...  from the story this is a stadium that will be shared by 8 schools.  Divide the $72M by 8 and that's $9M/school.  West Monroe spent $7.5M on the new home stadium, throw in the new scoreboard $750K and the new turf $500K and we're right there.  Biggest difference is ours is on campus and we don't share ...  that and we don't have any new taxes  ¬¬  Did I mention our stadium also seats 12,000+

Enjoy that new stadium, I know we will  :D



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