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Why is SJB playing Dorsey?


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15 minutes ago, HawgGoneIt said:


In spite of all of the hooplah about playing the best makes you better etc., sometimes, you need the softy in there to heal up some kids. There's a reason why colleges do it, and there's a reason why high schools do it as well. 

2 completely different animals hs and college.

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Just now, aZjimbo said:

2 completely different animals hs and college.

I don't disagree. I just can see the value in having the "breather" game for homecoming or whatever. For instance, Colquitt got banged up pretty bad between playing Tucker and Roswell. A breather game would have been nice last night to have a chance healing up some O-linemen, rbs, etc. Instead, we play a team that was thought to be top 5-10 in the state in the preseason and get the L. There is value in the L too though, so, I can see the argument for and against. 

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