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West Monroe High School head football coach placed on administrative leave.


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4 hours ago, Frosty4024 said:

I understand the reason...But I'd be on the doctor's case also if he allowed that Covid player to return too early.

Still. 4 in 1 season is alarming.

it is, and I am not advocating for anything that jeopardizes the players safety, but there is way  more to this story than what is being said officially.  There is a puppeteer behind the curtain that is pulling the strings.  Don't get me wrong, I was never a fan of Garvin but what is being done will effectively kill the program at West Monroe.  We are done...  we can enjoy our game with Delhi Charter this week and probably look forward to similar games in the future.  Very sad for a once proud program

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9 hours ago, Fred said:

We had several go to the ER for heat issues in 2018.  The players/parents/administration revolted.

That's part of what happened here, but Jerry Arledge (former head coach) was allowed to stay on as Athletic Director. While he was Head Coach he fired Todd Garvin who was brought back in as the new Head Coach to replace Arledge... can you see a problem 

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4 hours ago, Reb72 said:

@Frosty4024 meant to ask if you know anything about the interim Head Coach,  Kevin Davis. He was just added to the WM staff last year as OC. I know he came over from Texas and was OC at Carthage on some of their Championship squads. I think he was also a Head Coach somewhere in Texas

Iirc he was the HC at Pleasant Grove from 2006-2013.   I think he later became the AD when PG started winning those State Titles under Gibson. 

@DevilDog might know more than I do.

There were mixed feelings on his ability as a HC.  He's a solid coordinator.

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