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Rugby World Cup final


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  • golfaddict1 changed the title to Rugby World Cup final

RSA playing a man down on yellow (even), but he’s coming back shortly.   Still 12-6 SA.  

NZ Try!  12-11!  Sweet rush.  
Shit.  Taken off.  Ref decision on infraction.   12-6.  

SA player back. SA up a player again. 

Penalty SA deep in territory. 
NZ gets the Try.   12-11, and misses the difficult version of a PAT for the lead.    Final qtr. 

Final subs in.  
Great physicality. Some quality cauliflower ears out there.   My bad, more subs.  

NZ’s red, a major impact.  Unless SA makes another mistake deep in territory, they likely hold on.  

Shoestring tackle by SA.  NZ had a nice rush.  Ref checking infraction possibly.  
SA yellow.   Final minutes even play.  

NZ going for a long kick for the lead.  7 min left.  Close.  Wide left.  

Under 2 min.  Adv SA.  Deep in NZ territory.  NZ is F’d. 
Nice SA shoestring tackle.  

1 min.   SA will repeat.  Great game.  23 secs left and they have scrum control.  Reset scrum at 7 secs. 

Congrats to RSA 

Roger Federer enjoyed the match live.  He’s enjoying retirement, as I’ve seen him at a Formula 1 event also fairly recently.  He has great taste in sports.  

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