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Light Rays and Black Holes by Ed Witten


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On 11/3/2023 at 2:15 PM, ChimpGrip said:

Probably my favorite physicist and academic. 


Interesting guess about light’s path through time, but his math is corrupted lol. Funny thing about math, people like to try and tell you that math is an “exact science” as they throw theoretical guesses about something and offer only poorly crafted assumptions, thinking if they construct a “math formula” that somehow “looks like it fits” then they have proven something.  🤷‍♂️

ps: if you are not seeing how his math is corrupted (there’s several ways) just ask yourself (or him lol) if a tangent line ever touches or meets it’s boundary… (in reality it never will, even out to infinity, but then his “theoretical math guess” won’t work, so he assumes it does with that “corrupted” math…

Btw: Theoretical physics is a joke today not because people are guessing, but because people assume old guesses are correct as they do not see how they have corrupted their math and think “discovering” some new “related” formula will bring them fame …


…I only skimmed through it as his delivery is a bit slow and dry, but does he ever get to describing or proving that “black hole” as promised in the title? Lolol, the entire premise he looks like he is trying to explain is why we receive a “light record” from a supernova very far away at different times from different angles in space. This was already explained when scientists finally admitted they were wrong and space is NOT a vacuum.  No need to “invent” something like a “farce black hole” just because yer corrupted “theoretical math” don’t work without the fudge factor…👌



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On 11/3/2023 at 2:47 PM, golfaddict1 said:

My Dad was a big fan of Richard Feynman and so was I because he seemed to John Madden physics in a way my Dad couldn’t.  😊

Dad helped me with a math problem as a kid one night and wanted me to show his work.

Sure Dad, teach will surely know I did this.  😂 #oldstylelongmath

Dad would have dug my rental car odometer moment in NJ this past week.  
@Slotback Right I’m beginning to feel your side more lately.  

Whatever it’s called, I felt my parents with me big time at this screenshot moment not far from where they raised me. 


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7 hours ago, FreeBird said:

Atleast you listen to a good radio station 😀

Caught a nice Get the Led out double heading to a friend during my trip.  Nothing like driving with good music playing.    

Was cool seeing the season change  vs my area (warm, warmer, hot and hotter).

Still plenty of Autumn looking landscape In NJ heading to the final week of the month. 

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