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Coach Wilson Q&A


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 Coach Wilson should be joining us shortly

First, we'd like to welcome Coach Wilson to Prepgridiron.com.

Coach Wilson is the head football coach at West Toronto Prep, an academy for elite student athletes and the 1st American football high school program in Toronto. Coach Wilson played and graduated from the University of Connecticut before being drafted by the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. He had stints with several teams in the CFL before becoming the head coach at West Toronto Prep.

In collaboration with PrepGridiron Logistics, coach has been kind enough to give us some of his time and answer several questions posed by the members of this board. As we have done in the past, we will be asking coach the questions and he will be responding in the thread. We will be asking coach five questions and expect to open up the floor to members. Feel free to respond and ask questions, note, however, that it will be at Coach's discretion whether he responds further. Lastly, we ask that you keep your responses civil and on topic. The thread will be heavily moderated so that we can encourage other coaches to come on in the future. Thanks again, Coach, and everyone enjoy. 

The first question will be asked at 8PM EST

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*The biggest challenge we face it that there are no home games and we have to travel every game. 

* One of our biggest challenges is building a football culture because  none of my players have grandparents or parents who have played the game therefore they don't have the same support system as the US players.

* One advantage that we have is that there is a large population here in Toronto therefore we have a lot to choose from.

*Another advantage is that here in Canada we have summer league teams which is a full season in itself. It allows our kids to gain more experience.

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Our ultimate goal is to prepare our kids for life and student athlete life in university.  The reason why our schedule is so ambitious  is because I am a strong believer that iron sharpens iron. Our guys need to experience top level football in order to become top level football players. We also need US recruiters to see that our players are capable of playing a high level. to get our kids a look.  In our past experience recruiters would always bring up the same issues with our highlight tapes "yea it looks pretty good but that is vs Canadians".

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In Canada we follow Canadian football rules not the NFHS rules.  The main rule difference are:

-Field measurements 

(length) US=100 yards     CAN= 110 yards

(width) US= 53 yards      CAN= 65 yards

(length of end zone)  US= 10 yards     CAN= 20 yards

(downs) US= 4     CAN=3

*4 down football encourages more of a running game verses 3 down football which is a faster paced game that has a lot of 2 and outs

(players on the field)   US=11      CAN=12

(slot backs)  US=1 yard off         CAN= get a running start 


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I can give you a few names if you are in the mood to go youtube or hudl crazy.

-Standout Khalil Wilson who just finished up with us will not have a problem finding a home. He currently going through the recruiting process.

-I am most proud of my DB's Dantae Lee and Phonarlen Burrell.

-OL Omari Hastings had a great off season 



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Thank you for your time 


Hopefully you all will sometime play a north Florida team and I might drive to check the team out (maybe Jacksonville area team like Bolles or Trinity Christian or maybe even a team like Raines)


Also I wish you luck with your season and I'll be sure to keep a eye out for your team's results

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