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WK 1 HS Football game Videos


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Staying in Cali.  I have learned that my Monarchs forfeited this game 

Friday's much-anticipated showdown between defending national champion Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.)and 2016 national champion Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) has received a jolt.

Mater Dei will enter the game 0-1. 

Orange County Register writer Steve Fryer tweeted Wednesday morning that the Monarchs forfeited last week's season-opening 42-14 win over Bishop Amat (La Puente, Calif.) for use of an ineligible player. Mater Dei self-reported the violation, according to another report.

MATER DEI wins Big Over Bishop Amat in Season Opener , 369 Rushing Yds & 6 Rushing TDs lead The Way"


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SORRY CALI WHO GOT MY BACK WHO GOT THAT SWAG.  HAWAII GOT THAT SWAG.   Us Mainland guys get a look at these Island Boys and their Run and Shoot Offense and that Defense is Nailz. 

The better stop that Don't Mess with Hawaii Business.  Dammit that is the LONE STAR STATE'S MANTRA.  Don't make us open up a Can of Texan on them kids. 😉

The BEST TEAM In Hawaii Puts A SMACKDOWN On Team From Cali! Hawaii's Next STAR QB 3 TDS


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Before I Continue gonna drop A JAWJAA Thing.  Using their language this is one of their top AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA teams that play in AAAAAAAAAAA region 1.  Hookem  🤘.  I posted this because I need one of you Boiled peanut Connoisseur's to Identify CCBlack, OldRab, Hawg and the rest.  I am sure they are hiding in this video somewhere.  I hear they will play some AAA school from Missouri next.   How the hell does a school with only AAA's get to play the JAWAAA  AAAAAAAAAAAA powerhouse Colquit County In Jawajaa?  🤣

Great video by the way. 


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great thread DD !!!

I particularly liked this one 😎    


1 hour ago, DevilDog said:


Carmel Greyhounds vs. Trinity Shamrocks | Football | STATE CHAMPS! Indiana



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Just now, DevilDog said:

I loved how Carmel closed it out with a Statement. 

Me too, but so people don't think I'm being mean against those #DJoverinflatedSHAMrocks 🤣,  I'll have to disclose that I did some time at Purdue, so I like to pull for Hoosiers... besides that it looked like a great game.

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