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Duncanville vs. Skyline 49 -6 3rd.


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1 hour ago, Sammyswordsman said:

Another Texas  blowout.  Yawn.  Texas Guys get back to us in the semi's

We are usually only addressing other Texans for the Most part.  You seem to wonder in and out of Texas quit a bit.  We probably will not take your advice and get back to you on anything Texas. 🤘

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7 minutes ago, FloTex said:

6A D1 will be fun this year.  All 4 regions have multiple great teams.  Gonna be a battle 4-5 rounds in the playoffs in at least 2 regions.

I’d love to see North Shore/Allen as much as would love to see LT/Ducanville.  Both very good possibilities!

Agree, this years POs will be fun. Each region (except maybe region 2) has a team that can upset these four.  Judson-4, Katy-3, trinity-1. 

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1 hour ago, Horsefly said:

Pretty much.  For me though it wasn’t about the score. I wanted to hear @DevilDog  take on them since he was at the game.  They aren’t getting much hype like north shore, Allen and lake travis although all indicators point to them being as legitimate. 

I did as well.  They sounded unbeatable, to hear him talk earlier, and this score supports that.

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