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Carol City 36 Miami Central 28 final


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1 minute ago, Columbiafan said:

I will go ahead and state for record I've had them number 1 in FL since preseason and have never dropped them from top spot 


Looks like they certainly playing like best team in FL right now 

You also had Northwestern #2 or 3 when I told you 500 times thats the 1 team Id drop. Im usually not wrong when I feel THAT strongly about something.

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12 minutes ago, 954gator said:

Pissed there's no stream, but I'll update score.    You can get some updates here.   Fl disappoints with no stream for this epic game.   


Its a shame


Dematha vs St Thomas Aquinas and FAMU vs Trinity Christian were ESPN games but this one isn't??? 


ESPN showed they know nothing about Florida hs football by not having this one televised 

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8 minutes ago, Sammyswordsman said:

If Central goes down, they take SJC with them 

SJC has earned their ranking... They played quite a few good teams from all over , In a row (which matters) and won. 

Carol City is that good. If they win .... Id put them at #2.

1. SJB

2. Carol City

3. Allen

4. Mater Dei

5. St. Johns

6. Colquitt Co.

7. IMG

8. Cen10

9. University Lab

10. St. Frances Academy

11. Miami Central

12. Diagram Protician

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