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Texas State Championship thread


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So I’ve watched every game so far, and the 4A DII game was definitely the best of the bunch yet. Jordan Whittington’s performance today broke a UIL State Championship record across all classifications, 334 yards rushing, 43 yards receiving, and 6 total touchdowns in a game they needed every bit of it. This wasn’t a blowout, it was a hard fought game against the defending champ that went down to the end. Really impressive performance for the Longhorn commit. He’s a special player. Really humble kid. Gobblers won state, y’all 

Also, didn’t see another thread discussing the games so here we are. 4A DI and 5A DII are both coming up tonight. 5A DI, 6A DI and 6DII tomorrow. Looking forward to these games to close out the high school season


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3 minutes ago, PrepGridiron said:

We’ve been chatting it up a bit in the what’s up Texas thread 

jordan’s game was the best performance I’ve seen at this level. Just remember he is Cali raised. Hahaha

Oh damn y’all need to change the thread name! Or I should’ve looked around a little more, either way 

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I love the pen in Liberty Hill’s HC ear. Saw him with it on the Road show too. That’s awesome. 

This is going to be a fun half. Limited possessions against Liberty Hill, and La Vega returns the kick all the way back as I’m typing this. Damn.14–7 Pirates. Feels like La Vega needed that score to start the half. Now all the pressure is back on the running team 

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10 minutes ago, FloTex said:

Of all the games I’ve seen, La Vega has the most turds it seems like.  They run their mouth too damn much for me.  All other teams so far, winners and losers have shown great sportsmanship.  

They're pretty funny when they lose though. One year there was fighting on their own sideline after a playoff loss 😂

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5 minutes ago, Champa said:

Really pulling for FB Marshall. Only game today where I care about who wins.

I haven't seen Aledo play a full game of football, so who I think is gonna win isn't saying much.

I’m in the same boat, I saw Aledo last week against WF rider and it was so lopsided it was difficult assessing them. 

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